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MTE message test expressQuant Message Testing for Less? Yes!

Can't afford rigorous testing this time? Maybe you can.

We’ve all been there. Up against the wall, with little time and budget, and knowing the best path forward will only come from doing rigorous, quantitative research. You want more than a gut check. You need data to make decisions. But when you're squeezed for time and money, what are your options?

TRC sees this dilemma more and more in today's "more with less" business environment. And it pushed us to think differently. How could we meet the need for swift research and budget sensitivity without compromising the process? Or the results?

Our solution is Message Test Express™ (MTE™)

Message Test Express™ (MTE) is a unique and streamlined prioritization tool that helps identify winning concepts, positioning statements, and messages and their stick factor for less than $10,000 and often in 10 days or less. Because it was built from the powerful choice-based process of Bracket™, you can feel confident you're getting reliable data and the insights to support it. 

Watch a video explaining how MTE™ works:

MTE sample report  

How it works:

4 Simple Steps

What you get:

Quant insights for < $10K; 10 business days or less

1. Give us your list. MTE can handle from 6 to 36 ideas - text format or images.

  • Winners & Losers - a rank-ordering of ideas and the distance between ranks, in total and by up to 3 key profiling variables.

2. Add up to 3 custom screening questions to define your target. Screening by Age, Gender, & State are included.

  • Supplemental "spread metrics" based on Jonah Berger's principles of contagious content.
3. Add up to 2 profiling questions on top of our standard demographics - Employment, Marital Status, Education & Income, Social Media Usage, Early Adopter Measure, Hispanic Descent, Ethnicity, # of Children in HH  
4.  Clarify the "choice dynamic" - the question you want people to prioritize around.

With Message Test Express™, users evaluate and eliminate choices, eventually getting to "the best of the best". The analysis uncovers which messages rose to the top. 

Ask us how Message Test Express™ could help solve your innovation needs.

Call Rich Raquet at 215.641.2220 or contact him via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..gray-divider


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