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idea mill icon3Where Do All the Good Ideas Come From?

If you're challenged with developing new products or looking at existing products in a fresh, new way, Idea Mill™ is the solution for you.

Once in a while, a great idea hits you like a lightning bolt at 3AM. But most good ideas come from your customers - the insightful people who actually choose and use your products. Why not galvanize their passion and practical knowledge and tap them for their ideas early on in your development process? This way, you won't find yourself astray or wasting time or money.

Idea Mill™ allows ideation to be fun, inexpensive and most importantly - validated.

The most useful and actionable information comes right from the customer experience. So, with Idea Mill™ we go to the source. We ask your target audience to evaluate a few starter ideas and then contribute their own. The process not only produces a bunch of product possibilities and innovative ideas, but evaluates them as well - in real-time. You get a final list that already incorporates critical customer preferences.

Combining our own Smart Incentives™ gaming technique to spark thoughtful and enthusiastic participation from layers and layers of real world respondents with our proprietary algorithm that refines long lists and multiple ideas, Idea Mill™ creates ideas, finds the best of the bunch, and tells you why.

More ideas. Better ideas. All for less. (What a great idea!)

New product development is a challenging task, and the quantitative and qualitative research required to validate each idea can come at a premium. So get it right in the beginning and jump-start your process with the right audience, the right research, and the right ideas.

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Idea Mill™ White Paper

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