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  Psst. Want Some (Quantifiably) Good Advice?
So many people; so many points of view. How can you distinguish the good advice from the bad? Well, you could ask people. And you could have them make simple but powerful trade-offs to learn what truly passes muster as great words of wisdom. Our own Katie Ruiz, Research Manager, took on this task, and with the help of our engaging and efficient Bracket™ tool discovered that reminders to give respect, gratitude, and love remain quite appreciated. Read more about the study here.
  Spoiler Alert! Tolerance for Spoilers Depends on How You Watch TV
Nothing ruins a conversation these days more effectively than a "TV spoiler". But just how long must one wait before discussing that finale and not seem inconsiderate? How long must others wait to give you a chance to catch up on what was missed? We wanted to see how framing - imagine you did (or didn't yet) see the show - might influence opinions. And wound up learning that what might be more important is the method you use to view programming. Michele Sims explains here.
  Generational Divide Over Fancy Thermostats
Baby it's cold outside. The right time to take a snapshot of consumer attitudes about thermostats, and the new generation of programmable/mobile-accessible temperature control devices. Check out Michele's blog post for the run down.
  Fats, Carbs, and Consumer Food Choices - the Inside Scoop
Nutritional advice is changing once again - whereas fats were once taboo new research shows they're not so bad. Rather sugar is the cause of weight gain and disease. How well do consumers know about this shift in dietary wisdom? And how, if at all, might knowing about the relative pros and cons of fats versus sugars impact consumer decisions? We did some research to investigate, and Rich Raquet is laying out our findings here.
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