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Meet the TRC experts. We are here to guide you.

Our most senior team members get involved and stay involved from start to finish, and are committed to making sure the work we do is meaningful and useful. Read more about them now if you'd like. You'll be sure to meet them later.

rich raquet TRCRich Raquet

President and Founder


I’m going to be honest. I didn’t grow up dreaming of becoming a Market Researcher. With the heavy influence of my father (a computer guy) and the moon missions, I wanted to be an Engineer. As I saw it, Engineers solved complicated problems using their knowledge and creativity. So I started my education, at Drexel University, studying engineering and paid for it with a part-time job at Market Research Company.

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rajan sambandamRajan Sambandam, PhD

Chief Research Officer

Quirks Badge Author



My primary job as Chief Research Officer is to oversee research activities at TRC. I’m usually involved in the design and statistical analysis of most projects that go through the shop.

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Jennifer VanDe MeulebroeckeJennifer Van de Meulebroecke

Senior Vice President

quirkbadge author


 My desire to be in market research started spring of my senior year in college when I realized my summer jobs and various internships, including Yankelovich, were all connected to the industry; it wasn't a passion, but rather, my best opportunity for full-time employment. It helped that I was one of the few who actually enjoyed my business stat classes.

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Kevin Dona TRCKevin Dona

Senior Vice President


I am one of the few people who I know that chose market research versus it choosing them. I thoroughly enjoyed engineering as there is nothing I find more invigorating than solving a problem. However, I craved the creativity that only comes from problems not governed by the laws of physics.

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Cindy-Reisner-Qualitative-ResearchCindy Reisner, Director of Qualitative Research

I do research because I love learning, and there's nothing I'm more curious about than my fellow human beings. 

Human decision-making is complex, and as a lifelong market researcher my passion has been to learn through multi-faceted research engagements.

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Charlie Humenn TRCCharlie Humenn

Vice President

 Interestingly, my love for newspapers and magazines is what eventually drew me to a career in marketing research. Right after college, media was the initial draw, where I worked at print, radio and TV properties supporting the marketing and ad sales efforts through research. 

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Ellen-EdelmannEllen Edelmann,

Account Manager

My first introduction to market research was at Pitt. We were assigned to a group project to design a survey, manage data collection, analyze results and present our findings. Unsurprisingly, we picked something close to our interests - beer.

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Rick-Quinlan-TRCRick Quinlan

Vice President

 David Ogilvy once said, "Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals." My life HAS been important!

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melody-matthews-market-researcherMelody Matthews, Vice President, Client Advisor

I have always enjoyed problem solving and puzzles. Give me an episode of NCIS or Criminal Minds and my phone fully charged for a game of sudoku and I am in the zone.

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Michele simsMichele Sims

VP/Research Management

 quirkbadge author


I like asking questions.

In high school I dreamed of being a journalist, but it took just one unsatisfactory experience in an entry-level J-class to convince me that I needed a new career choice. With a focus on communication research in undergrad and graduate schools, I was well-prepared to start my marketing research career serving clients in the broadcast industry.

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Ed-Olesky-webEd Olesky

Chief Operating Officer


 I started my career in Market Research while I was in college way back in 1980 with a part-time job as a telephone interviewer. From there I worked in Sampling, Coding, Spec Writing and CATI Programming.

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wes ritzWestley Ritz

Director of Analytics


Senior year of high school I elected to skip a 4th year of science and instead try this new AP Stats course they were offering.  I didn’t know anything about statistics, but I quickly got hooked. I always enjoyed math, but statistics allowed me to tell a story with the numbers in a way I couldn’t do with pure math. That addition of meaning and purpose was all I needed to stay the path in pursuing a career in analytics.

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Meg szczech1Megan L. Szczech

Research Director


I didn’t know much about Market Research before my senior year in college. That is until I was required to take a course on it that included an end-of-semester “group” project. Let’s just say my group members were less than ambitious and reliable so I took the reins. Not only did I score a very high mark, I learned I really liked the research process from beginning to end. A year later, I started my Market Research career.

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amy mcCarthyAmy McCarthy, Research Director

I've always been a people watcher and fell in love with sociology (the study of people) in college. I was fascinated by people's choices and what influenced them whether it be cultural or environmental. It's not surprising I landed in market research.

I started my career at TRC and have had the opportunity to grow and learn from a lot of great people.

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