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rich raquet TRCRich Raquet

President and Founder


I’m going to be honest. I didn’t grow up dreaming of becoming a Market Researcher. With the heavy influence of my father (a computer guy) and the moon missions, I wanted to be an Engineer. As I saw it, Engineers solved complicated problems using their knowledge and creativity. So I started my education, at Drexel University, studying engineering and paid for it with a part-time job at Market Research Company.


I expected to love school and tolerate my job. The opposite happened. The math and science at school didn’t bother me, but the lack of creativity did. At work, I became fascinated with how probability samples were drawn, how data were compiled and how we helped solve our clients’ problems. It wasn’t long before I realized that I was using my knowledge and creativity to solve problems…so what if I wasn’t sending an astronaut to Mars, it was fun.


I still get a thrill out of finding a solution that helps a client solve a problem and I doubt that will change. Things I wouldn’t have dreamed possible 25 years ago are now common place, while new technology and techniques expand and enhance our ability to drive ever more useful results. Of late I’ve been particularly interested in finding better and better ways to tie our results to real world outcomes, like showing our clients not just how to improve the satisfaction of their customers, but what impact that change will have on the bottom line.

Outside of TRC I love spending time and traveling with my wife and two kids, doing projects around the house (the engineer side hasn’t died completely) and golfing (I’m proud to say I’m a 10 time Fall Classic Champion). I am a member of ESOMAR, AMA and CASRO. I also sit on the board of BLOCS, a charity dedicated to providing better educational opportunities to kids in the Philadelphia area. We currently support half a dozen schools and provide scholarships to over 2000 children.

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