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Ed-Olesky-webEd Olesky

Chief Operating Officer


 I started my career in Market Research while I was in college way back in 1980 with a part-time job as a telephone interviewer. From there I worked in Sampling, Coding, Spec Writing and CATI Programming.

This was an interesting time to work in Market Research operations as we started the move from a world of sample drawn from phone books and paper-and-pencil surveys to a world where everything was getting computerized. By the time I’d graduated I was fully hooked on technology, which was somewhat ironic because my degree is in Psychology. When I helped found TRC over 20 years ago (I guess I am older than I think), I brought both perspectives with me and I believe that has paid dividends for our clients. My Psychology background helps me understand the human element when it comes to both research and the application of technology. My years of experience in all aspects of the research process help me see where the latest technology can be applied to drive more effective research. Most important, I pride myself on bridging the divide between IT and end users… I can explain the needs and requirements to both sides in language that they understand.

I have 3 children, the oldest gainfully employed and the youngest in high school. They keep me busy. In the few minutes that I do get to myself, I enjoy music and, as strange as it sounds, programming. I try to stay current with each of these. My favorite pastime is cutting my lawn. It is my weekly meditation. It takes great concentration and at least one cold beer to get it right week after week.

Education:    La Salle University, B.A. in Psychology

TRC Clock:  Since 1987


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