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rajan sambandamRajan Sambandam, PhD

Chief Research Officer

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My primary job as Chief Research Officer is to oversee research activities at TRC. I’m usually involved in the design and statistical analysis of most projects that go through the shop.

I have spent years working with data and in my time here I have worked with more companies than I can recall, many of which are household names.Theory and practice of marketing research are similar yet distinct entities and their intersection interests me. Immersion in one enriches the other, and hence I use every opportunity to pursue that by interacting closely with academia. Recently, I taught marketing research to MBA students at Columbia University, as an Adjunct Associate Professor. My teaching was enriched by real world experience, while I had become a better researcher by teaching the subject.

Prior to that, I was a Knowledge Partner to the Yale Center for Consumer Insight helping translate academic research for practitioners. For many years at TRC I have organized conferences with a mix of academic and practitioner speakers and have published several research articles. I also do guest lectures at business schools in Wharton, Yale and Columbia to help students understand the practical issues in research. 

You can read some of my research ramblings at TRC.Blog. If you want to talk research, feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Of if you prefer Game of Thrones or House of Cards, I'm all in.

Education: Ph.D. - Marketing, SUNY Buffalo

B.E. - Electronics and Communications Engineering, Anna University, India

TRC Clock: Since 1995

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