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Michele simsMichele Sims

VP/Research Management

 quirkbadge author


I like asking questions.

In high school I dreamed of being a journalist, but it took just one unsatisfactory experience in an entry-level J-class to convince me that I needed a new career choice. With a focus on communication research in undergrad and graduate schools, I was well-prepared to start my marketing research career serving clients in the broadcast industry.

I had some truly wonderful experiences there -- including moderating one of the first audience tests on stereo TV.

But there was a whole big world to explore, and I was thrilled to expand my research horizons beyond broadcast media. Since then, I’ve asked questions about all kinds of things -- earth moving equipment, health care reform, book series, telecom providers, custodial services, tablets, and how long you have to wait in your doctor’s office.

Right now I’m focusing on helping clients in the energy and utilities sectors. But I also lend my support to healthcare, insurance and non-profit organizations... wherever asking good questions will lead to actionable responses. One of my favorite activities at TRC is high jacking our consumer panel and asking them my questions, then sharing their answers with my clients or blogging about it.

I’ve spent most of my life in Pennsylvania – born in Pittsburgh, raised in Dutch country. But I love to travel (especially Vegas) and am working methodically on getting to all 50 states (first questions I ask: does it have casino gambling and where can I find a golf course suitable for beginners?).

Education: BA from Muhlenberg College, MA from the University of Pennsylvania

TRC Clock: Since 1999

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