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wes ritzWestley Ritz

Director of Analytics


Senior year of high school I elected to skip a 4th year of science and instead try this new AP Stats course they were offering.  I didn’t know anything about statistics, but I quickly got hooked. I always enjoyed math, but statistics allowed me to tell a story with the numbers in a way I couldn’t do with pure math. That addition of meaning and purpose was all I needed to stay the path in pursuing a career in analytics.

My role at TRC is the perfect embodiment of my educational journey as I use those stories derived from analytics to provide guidance to our clients: I advise on which analytical techniques are the most appropriate to address particular business challenges our clients face. I ensure these techniques are set up and implemented properly in the survey instrument. I either oversee or personally perform the statistical analyses and provide guidance interpreting the study results with respect to each project’s objectives.

My analytical expertise focuses on choice techniques such as max-diff and conjoint analysis (including market simulators), but also includes linear & non-linear modeling, traditional & non-traditional segmentation techniques, and various other multivariate statistical analyses. In addition, I’m well-versed in several statistical software tools and languages including SPSS, SAS, R, and Sawtooth Software programs.Education: M.S. in Statistics, Temple University. B.S. in Statistics and Economics, University of Michigan.

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