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Meg szczech1Megan L. Szczech

Research Director


I didn’t know much about Market Research before my senior year in college. That is until I was required to take a course on it that included an end-of-semester “group” project. Let’s just say my group members were less than ambitious and reliable so I took the reins. Not only did I score a very high mark, I learned I really liked the research process from beginning to end. A year later, I started my Market Research career.

As Research Director at TRC, I work mainly within the Technology and Telecom practice and oversee all phases of research. My involvement begins at the proposal phase and continues throughout the entire project lifecycle – always ensuring the critical needs that first gave rise to the research are achieved. In my previous capacity of Project Director, I gained extensive experience with the implementation and management of all aspects of the research process, including critical components such as questionnaire design, data collection, analysis, and report writing. I was responsible for making sure all project specifications and deadlines were maintained while keeping clients informed about project status.

I’m married with three very young, high-energy daughters who keep me extremely busy. Outside the office, I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my family as well as cooking and baking.  

Prior Experience: The Working Data Group, Inc.

Education: B.S. in Business Administration, Marketing from Bloomsburg University

TRC Clock: Since 2002

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