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Kevin Dona TRCKevin Dona

Senior Vice President


I am one of the few people who I know that chose market research versus it choosing them. I thoroughly enjoyed engineering as there is nothing I find more invigorating than solving a problem. However, I craved the creativity that only comes from problems not governed by the laws of physics.

I came across market research while trying to decide what track to focus on while obtaining my MBA and I found the perfect fit for me in market research. The ability to still be geeky and apply math to problems, but with the ever changing and unknown human perspective encompassing each problem.

The vast changes in the industry over the past several years has only fueled that fire. I now have access to seemingly limitless tools with which to craft creative new solutions that drive toward better business outcomes.

Over my career, I have had the good fortune to work on thousands of new products and examine consumer responses for tens of thousands in a vast array of categories from technology to food and beverages to personal care, OTC and medical devices. Each adds to my personal knowledgebase to draw from in unexpected places.

Outside of research, the engineer in me still drives me to code applications ... a non-stop endeavor since my first Commodore 64 computer over 30 years ago. From imaging and audio processing to 3D and gaming, I always enjoy a new challenge. My omnipresent list of household projects ensures there is never a shortage of new adventures either. However, my greatest source of entertainment is simply spending time with my wife and four kids no matter what we are doing.

Education: MBA - University of Pittsburgh, BS in Electrical Engineering - Penn State

TRC Clock: Since 2016

Contact me at 215.641.2232 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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