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Ellen-EdelmannEllen Edelmann,

Account Manager

My first introduction to market research was at Pitt. We were assigned to a group project to design a survey, manage data collection, analyze results and present our findings. Unsurprisingly, we picked something close to our interests - beer.

Now in a professional setting, I am able to work on far more complex and challenging projects, which help guide marketing, product and strategy decisions. My experience with research has spanned across multiple industries, including healthcare and financial services, and advanced techniques, such as conjoint. (Happily, I still manage beer studies once in a while). 

As an account manager, I help clients identify the best research approaches to answer their questions, and I'm thrilled when we have the opportunity to see how those results are leveraged. 

In my free time, I enjoy creative pursuits, including pottery and cooking, and travel. 

Education: B.S. in Marketing from University of Pittsburgh

TRC Clock: Since 2014

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