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Texo™ - a build-your-own approach to product development research

You build better products and services by listening to consumers, and by understanding how and why they make choices.
But things can get very complex, really fast.
Conventional approaches to product development market research often have difficulty balancing this complexity with the need to provide a user-friendly research experience and actionable results.texo-definition 32669311

Enter TeXo™ from TRC.

TeXo™ is a powerful and versatile build-your-own approach made to handle the demands of complex products without sacrificing data quality or analytic power. TeXo™ offers:
  • Simplicity to respondents, with a step-by-step research exercise similar to an actual shopping experience.
  • Flexibility to researchers and product designers, who can evaluate as many or as few product features as they'd like, by as many or as few rules as they'd like. 
  • Clarity to managers. Results are easily understood and socialized. And a "what-if" simulator allows them to explore hypotheses and optimize their offerings further.

How does TeXo™ work?

TeXo™ simulates an online shopping experience and asks respondents to make a series of simple, informed decisions. You get maximum flexibility to test options, set prices, and allow choices. Participants get an intuitive and user-friendly experience that lets them better evaluate options and settle on a product or service that's right for them. 

Initial Building Module

texo complex-product-development-research

Review, adjust, confirm, and evaluate

texo complex-product-development

Specific questions asked will vary according to the product or service you're building and your particular objectives. TRC will consult with you to develop a list of product features you'd like to test, to understand any constraints you'd like to put in place with regard to how those features can be combined, and to specify a system of rules-based pricing so that each choice is associated with a real-world dollar value.
TeXo™ takes it from there.

How will TeXo™ help?

With clear and powerful insights into the choices consumers make, TeXo™ can peek over the consumer's shoulder as she makes choices. Leverage this powerful perspective to answer a wide variety of questions relevant to designing the best possible product or service.
TeXo™ delivers the information you need:
  • Which options are most and least popular?
  • What's the difference between those who choose one option and those who choose another?
  • What are consumers most likely to trade up (or down) for?
  • Which features are most important to consumers?t5
  • Which combination of features would attract the greatest number of consumers?
  • How much will consumers spend? How does that compare to what they thought they'd spend?
  • Are consumers willing to buy?
















TEXO™: a simple solution to complex product development problems.

We welcome the chance to discuss the benefits of TeXo™ - an intuitive and actionable approach to product development research. Give us a call at 215-641-2200, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of our account executives will be in touch right away. 

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