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Integrate qualitative and quantitative market research to uncover the gold

Planning your research strategy? You'll likely use quantitative and qualitative research to test various messages, customer experience strategies, and emotional drivers of decision-making. But are you thinking about these two learning streams as a cohesive plan of inquiry? The golden insights you need may be hiding in between. 

TRC can review your overall design and offer a more thoughtful approach with qualitative and quantitative elements. In fact, our expertise has proven that a more complementary integration of both methodologies helps to uncover insights that could change everything. 


Let us complete the picture with seamless design integration to help yield:  


Research that's more credible

We cast a wide qualitative net early in the process to help you know your audience better and ensure that projectable quantitative investigations are on-point in addressing the most relevant issues. 

Results that are more meaningful 

We embed qualitative elements within quantitative studies, adding the "why" factor to behavioral and attitudinal measurement. Supporting the quantitative results with underlying drivers offers you the guidance to turn your learnings into strategies. 

Planning that's more efficient 

We go beyond "just" quantitative or qualitative and seamlessly integrate techniques to help give everyone a thorough view on the issues - within one engagement or across multiple engagements. This holistic partnership helps you formulate more thoughtful and well-rounded strategies and stay ahead of your competition. 





Cindy-Reisner-Qualitative-ResearchContact Cindy Reisner, Director of Qualitative Research,

to set up a review of your research plan and make recommendations for optimizing your approach through seamless integration. 

T: 215-641-2212 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Cindy has more than 25 years of experience in substantive areas like:







Ask Cindy about our full range of complementary qualitative tools and techniques, like:

  • Focus groups - traditional in-person or web-enabled
  • One-on-ones - in-person, by phone or web-enabled with webcam and/or screen share
  • Online bulletin board discussions and mini-communities 
  • In-survey intercepts 

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