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Market Segmentation Research

Find more distinct and actionable segments

It's Marketing 101: segment customers and prospects into unique groups, and then market to each based on their unique needs. But how do you find actionable, differentiated segments when people tell you everything is important?

It's a common lament, and too often the cause of segmentation efforts that fail to deliver on expectations. At TRC we successfully employ Max-Diff and other choice-based methods to identify truly differentiated segments, and understand that "successful segmentation" goes beyond any one technique.

  • Our full-circle process begins and ends with on-site stakeholder input sessions to clarify objectives, listen to their hypotheses about the market, and ensure that the solution we settle on is one they can act upon.

  • We understand the iterative nature of segmentation analysis, and use a variety of powerful tools -  Self-Organizing Maps (SOMs), Latent Class Modeling, CHAID, traditional cluster - to examine possible solutions from a variety of angles.

  • We deliver beyond the segmentation analysis itself, scoring databases, overlaying third-party data, and working with you to "sell" the new solution within your company.

Is there a strategic segmentation in your plans? TRC can help.

Make sure to check out our blog article about 5 Useful Tips for Naming Market Segments


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