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Lectures and Speaking Engagements

Rajan Sambandam, Marketing Research: A Practitioner's Perspective, invited lecture at Columbia University's Business School, Wharton School of Business, Yale, NYU, MIT and University of Michigan - 2012 - present

Michael Sosnowski, Doing More with Less: Getting Greater Value from Mobile Quant , presentation at NewMR - Advances in Quant Research, Sept 2012

Rajan Sambandam and Edmund Kolodziej, Key Driver Analysis - How to Identify Drivers of Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty & Value, Pre-Conference Workshop, EUCI Voice of the Customer Conference, Santa Fe, September 2006

Rajan Sambandam and Michael Sosnowski, Key Driver Analysis: A Critical Tool For Market Research, Tutorial seminar presented at Bose Corp., Framingham, MA, 2006

Rajan Sambandam, Conjoint Analysis, A training course for the Unisys University division of the Unisys Corporation, Blue Bell, PA, September 2004.

Rajan Sambandam, Ed Kolodziej, Tia Hensler and Filomena Gogel, Customer Satisfaction Standards for Utility Call Centers, Results Workshop, presented with E Source, Chicago, June 2002.

Vikki Wood, Rajan Sambandam and Ed Kolodziej, Residential Peak Corps Market Study: An Application of Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis Using Hierarchical Bayes Estimation, International Energy Program Evaluation Conference Proceedings, Salt Lake City, 2001.

Rajan Sambandam, Brian Ratchford and Vikas Mittal, Temporal Variation of Expectations, Performance and Overall Satisfaction: An Empirical Investigation, Proceedings of the 1997 Marketing Science Institute Conference, Berkeley, 1997.

Rajan Sambandam, How to Develop and Implement Successful Patient Satisfaction Measurements, Tutorial at the 16th Annual Symposium on Healthcare Marketing, American Marketing Association (AMA), Boston, 1996.

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